The audio downloads are either direct MP3 downloads or ZIP files with the MP3’s inside. Compatible on any mobile device. Take them everywhere for keeping in energy of Love. May these breathing exercises, meditations, mantras, and prayers continue to live within your heart for Love in God.

Opening Heaven

Never is there a time that Heaven isn’t with us. Only our thinking keeps us from living happiness. Let your light shine into your life by living deeper in God.


Pouring Love into Life

Keeping our energy with Love keeps our lives in peace. Bring another level into your life by letting go of the old for the new. One moment at a time we rebirth into our Love. 


Prayer for Living Christ Consciousness

The level of the world is Love and the more we can live with Love in our consciousness the higher in God we live. May this prayer bring greater light into your life.


Healing Prayer for Health

Deeper living as Love is the healer of our pain. Learning to keep Heaven through our living helps to nourish the Soul. Release and renew pain for Love. 


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